Natasha Henstridge

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Every once in a while an elite crime fighting team emerges. Highly sophisticated covert ops, specially trained in global intelligence maneuvers... this is not one of those teams!

They're three career criminals with one shot at freedom. Now they're working for the feds who put them away.

These are the women of She Spies : Bad Girls Gone Good

Basically three hot chicks are fighting crime in their own special way.

She Spies is a kick ass show with lots of action, lots of laughs and a whole lot of cheese. It's definitely entertaining and worth watching.

She Spies is known as Spy Girls, throughout most of Europe excluding the Netherlands.

So Who's Who?

Natasha Henstridge as Cassie

Cassie (Natasha Henstridge)
Conning millions from bankers and CEO's is what brought Cassie into the mix. The leader of the group likes slipping into other personas and walks on the beach.

Definitely the hottie of the group.
Kristen Miller as DD

DD (Kristen Miller)
DD got caught stealing secret files from a government database, but really who hasn't done that? She's the expert computer hacker, and language expert, also know as the smart one.

Wanna get close to her? All you have to do is learn two of her favourite things, volleyball and the Rumba!
Natashia Williams as Shane

Shane (Natashia Williams)
She rebelled against her rich parents and became a master thief, doesn't everyone? She has been known to cripple guys that may or may not have assaulted her.

She's more than just a token African American. She proficient in Brazilian and jujitsu, plus she makes a killer Peach Cobbler.
Cameron Daddo as Mr Cross

Mr. Cross (Cameron Daddo)
Cross was brought in to keep the She Spies inline, unlike his predecessor, Jack.

A bullet in the back got him where he is today, but he lons to get back in the action.

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Jamie Iglehart as Duncan

Duncan (Jamie Iglehart)
Duncan is the techno geek, who has a serect crush on the She Spies (Can you blame him).

He lives out his superhero delusions through his fictional comic book alter-ego, HardDrive! Half man, half computer, all stud... Nerd!
So Who Was?

Carlos Jacott as Jack Jack (Carlos Jacott)
Jack was the handler of the group, which sometimes got out of hand. Bringing the three girls together was his idea, and their success enabled him to fulfil his dream of becoming a field agnt.