Natasha Henstridge
Updated : 2013-02-22
just-natasha.comBelow is a very important post I've added to our Forum. This site will stay on the Web without updates. Join our Forum if you wish to contribute to the site or post news and pictures. Thank you to all dedicated returning fans. Good luck to you all and God Bless!!!

This is a very serious, and on my part, depressing post to find out if I should keep running.

Above is a poll to see if anyone even looks at this site anymore and please feel free to post and comment. I need to know if my efforts are appreciated any longer and if this site is worth it.

Let's face it, I just don't have time to update it any longer. This site takes a lot of time and effort of which I just don't have any more. The site is outdated as far as much of its content. Although just recently I've added a couple things as a last attempt. I'm not sure I will keep up anymore, even with news. The main site is lacking in many aspects for updates as well. Obviously many of the areas never got finished not to mention updated.

For those of you whom don't know, Natasha now has an official web site. I just recently found this out myself by browsing around search engines looking to see where this site stood in ratings. Even though I feel sort of depressed from this, I've still added a link on the links page for her.

Her new site includes social networking hook-ups. I will not join Twitter or Facebook. I vowed years ago as a true original "computer geek" and "hacker junkie" from the start I'd never do that crap. Not even for Natasha.

Since the woman needs to have an official site I'm sure due to her publicist or agents telling her it's a must, I'm not sure this site is relative any longer.

I'm always going to be a huge fan of She Spies and Natahsa, but I must say I'm disappointed in the lack of any interest in this site which has been maintained by me since 2006.

Thank you for all the good times we did have in the past.

She Spy

"Miss Just Natasha"


Updated : 2013-02-20
Natasha Henstridge 2nd Wedding AnniversaryHow sweet ;)

I've added a new article called Kiss me baby, one more time: Darius Campbell treats wife Natasha Henstridge to lavish Valentine's anniversary date in the Interviews and Articles section.

A second Wedding Anniversary evening spent romantically with hubby Darius.

I've added the rest of the shots in our in Pictures section under Candids February 14, 2013 Los Angeles.

Updated : 2012-12-03
Natasha Henstridge Hollywood Christmas Parade Natasha at the Hollywood Christmas Parade on November 24, 2012.

Thanks to Ex-Parrot from our Forum.

Updated : 2012-05-11
Natasha Henstridge shopping at The GroveI found a few candid shots I've added from Celebrity Baby Scoop of Natasha and her boys shopping at The Grove In West Hollywood on May 6, 2012.

The small article of a few interesting tid bits below:

Natasha Henstridge and her two sons Tristan, 13, and Asher, 10, went shopping at The Grove in West Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday (May 6). The Secret Circle star listened on as her youngest son talked to her.

The actress has said she and her husband - singer Darius Campbell - would like to have a child together.

She told Hello!, "We'd love to [have children] and, God willing, we will. We've spoken about it for the seven years we've been together... It's always an adjustment, but my boys would love it. I'm a tomboy, but there's a lot of male energy. It would be incredible to have a girl, to have a little estrogen in the house."

Updated : 2012-02-27
Natasha Henstridge 20th Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards ViewingStunning...that sums it up. I really love her dress! Very classy. Much better than any other actresses I saw on the Academy Awards show itself! Jennifer Lopez needs to check her "situation" more often ;)

Anyways...thanks once again to Christian and Ex-Parrot from our Forum.

Natasha Henstridge attends Chopard at the 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party held at The City of West Hollywood Park on February 26, 2012.

Updated : 2012-02-26
Natasha Henstridge foiledWhat? Is that our gal???

I've added a new article called Foiled again! Natasha Henstridge is rumbled having her highlights touched up in the Interviews and Articles section.

Caught literally "red fingered"!

Check out a couple of shots in our in Pictures section under Candids February 2012 Los Angeles.

Updated : 2012-02-04
Natasha Henstridge St. Jude Children's Hospital Gala 2012 DPA Golden Globe Awards Gift SuiteI’ve finally found some time to update the site. Although there are still a lot of issues with the new server and forum, I’m going to post news and pictures regardless until I can get them resolved.

New shots added to the site of Natasha at the latest gigs. Many thanks once again to Christian and Ex-Parrot.

On the left is Natasha at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Gala held on January 7, 2012.

Some rare pictures added of Natasha at the 2012 DPA Golden Globe Awards Gift Suite held on January 13, 2012 thanks to Christian.

One last unique shot of Natasha at the Swarovski Press Preview held on January 18, 2012 thanks to Ex-Parrot.

As always…enjoy!

Updated : 2011-11-15
Natasha Henstridge The Secret Circle Natasha Henstridge - TV Guide Magazine Annual Hot List PartyNew pictures added to the site of Natasha at the TV Guide Hot List Party thanks to Christian via e-mail. Also thanks go to Ex-Parrot for extra TV Guide Hot List Party shots and to moondevil9 for the shots from The Secret Circle. Both members of our Forum.

On the left we have some captures of Natasha featured in her latest work The Secret Circle on the CW Network. Check out the "Shoots" section as well for some shots of The Secret Circle Promo Shoot.

The latest event that Natasha attended was TV Guide Magazine Annual Hot List Party held November 7, 2011 in California.


Updated : 2011-09-24
Natasha Henstridge 2011 Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film Pre-Emmy Party Natasha Henstridge CW NetworkI've added a lot of new HQ pictures as well as some older unknowns. I have to give thanks to Christian once again who continues to send great pictures via e-mail and Ex-Parrot from our Forum, who always finds some awesome shots. All the pictures are added to our Pictures section of course.

First up, Natasha on the left at the 2011 Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film Pre-Emmy Party held at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood, California on September 16, 2011.

Next up, Natasha on the right at the CW Network Upfront 2011 held back in May. These are added new shots to this event.

More CW shots of Natasha this time at the CW Premiere Party held on September 10, 2011.

Added new pictures of Natasha at the 5th Annual Comic-Con Party held back on July 23, 2011.

A couple of new pictures of Natasha added to the shoots section from the Eli Stone Promo Shoot check out pictures 11 and 12.

We have one new picture of Natasha added to the Unidentified Shoots. Check out Shoot 13.

Last, we have two new pictures of Natasha added to the Various section in the Unsorted Pix. Check out pictures 130 and 131.

As always…Enjoy!!!

Updated : 2011-09-11
Natasha Henstridge CW Premiere PartyNew Pictures added with credit to Ex-Parrot from our Forum in our Pictures section. Natasha at the CW Premiere Party presented by Bing at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California on September 10, 2011.

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